Welcome to Amathuba Jobs Portal

The Amathuba Jobs Portal is an initiative of the Eastern Cape Provincial Government to address employment opportunities for the unemployed people of the Province. The Amathuba Jobs Portal was developed by the Department of Public Works to bring together the semi-skilled and skilled unemployed people of the province with employers once both parties have registered on the web-based system to reduce the number of unemployed people in the province. It is envisaged that the Portal will be utilised in future to create employment opportunities in the Private Sector, as well as in the Provincial and Local Government.

The Amathuba Portal talks to two of the eight Eastern Cape Strategic Government Priorities, those being:

• “Speed up growth and transforming the economy to create decent work and sustainable livelihoods” and

• “Build social and economic infrastructure”.

Aims & Objectives :

• Amathuba Job Portal, www.amathuba.gov.za, was launched in August 2011.

• An internet hosted database of unemployed persons throughout the Eastern Cape.

• Keeps track of where the unemployed pockets are and the skills base that exist in these pockets.

• Allows potential recruiters to draw from this database, names and contact details of the unemployed to be interviewed for potential work.

• Allows the recruiter to place work opportunity adverts - allowing the unemployed to electronically search for work and apply for prospective work.

• To further the use of the portal any qualifying organization is requested to become involved in this initiative in the following ways:

• To make available all names of retrenched persons and their skills

• To register on the portal as a potential recruiter.

• The department have a helpdesk that will support recruiters in this initiative.